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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bites: Sensational Corned Beef & Hash @ Frisch and Barc

Instagram has been hit by a plethora of pictures featuring some tantalising brunch from co. at Frisch and Barc.  Naturally, I was keen to visit and ignoring my previous lesson learnt from a mediocre opening at Nic & Kolo, I decided to go anyways.
Frisch and Barc has no visible signboard from Canning Highway, so be on the lookout for a modern looking building a few meters after the Como Hotel heading towards Applecross.  Sitting is limited so be prepared to wait a little or brace yourselves and sit outside in the winter chill.  The interior is fresh and modern but it was really the service that made the day pleasant as they were courteous enough to move us in  However, being a foodie it was the food that makes or break my day.

Coffee to start:

Family was really happy with their coffee.  I do not drink coffee, but as dad stirred in his sugar I could see the micro foam looking real good.  If only they had Match Latte which was more on my level!

YH had his with extra marshmallow after he curiously asked the waitress how much does it cost and she gave him one for free. (PS: It comes with the hot choc!)

The Singaporean Chilli Crab Omelette $24.50

I reckon people get quite pissy over paying $24.50 for an Omelette.  But when I had it in my mouth I really did not mind. The robust and tangy flavours of the Chilli Crab sauce was an instant hit to the palate.  Folded into the Omelette, the rich tomato flavours with a mild chilli hint of the Singaporean Chilli Crab was immediately enjoyable.  The crab meat in the omelette was definitely adequate but I did not get the plump juiciness one gets when eating fresh crab.  Also note that the crab sauce is not as spicy as you’d expect to maintain its appeal to the general public.

Black Angus Corned Beef Hash $23.50

This was the dish that got me to Frisch and Barc in the first place.  Safe to say I was not disappointed.  Its presentation was impeccable and the hash was cooked sensationally with its crisp outer complementing its softer centre.  Even better were the tender slices of corned beef.  It was definitely not your typical dry and overly salted corned beef.  Instead this has a subtle saltiness that gave the dish a great flavour and texture from its tenderness.  Its sauce was a tad peppery at some point, and I did not know what it made of.  Felt like something based on a soy reduction.  I could be wrong but it was definitely a much welcomed addition to the plate as the dish would have been really dry otherwise.

Not pictured individually was the pulled pork sandwich which dad ordered.  I do not think he was impressed by how dry it was, especially when sandwiched between a thicker than usual toast. 

I definitely enjoyed Frisch and Barc more than I expected to.  For a spot that’s just opened for a few weeks, I am impressed.  The brunch here was a lot more inspiring that the norm these days with the Frisch and Barc kitchen bring strong and interesting flavours to the morning table. They stock the usual goods too if you would rather a sandwich or bacon & eggs. Sitting space is limited but I believe they have the capacity to open the space upstairs if it is available for use (and is ready).  

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