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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bites: Winter Brunch @ Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

Wet, cold mornings are a hard thing to enjoy but with the company of a hearty meal and friends, comfort is never too far away.  Before I flew off to Houston, my sister and I decided to have breakfast together at Harvest Espresso. As expected another season of creativity began to welcome winter.  The newly introduced Macha Latte started my morning.  Talk frothy milk layer paired with freshly whisked Macha, and I am sold.
At Harvest Espresso, interesting meals are seen aside a long list of sandwich staples.  However, I never go with the staples and always crave for the little experiments Harvest presents.  Today, we had the; 

Lamb Meatballs, cumin yoghurt, preserved lemon, apricots, couscous salad, toasted Turkish bread 
A large serve of meatballs for winter?  You bet.  With a side of couscous and bread, you could enjoy the meatballs whichever way you prefer.  I was a bigger fan of the Turkish bread and dipping it into the meatball sauce was absolutely delicious.  The hint of cumin brought back memories of the delicious summer Shakshouka and made me crave for a thicker, more acidic base for the meatballs.  

Salmon Gravlax, two poached eggs, watercress, potato hash, yuzu kosho hollandaise, togarashi croutons.
Sister’s choice was the salmon.  A pretty combination with nice colours to fend off the wintery gloom. In terms of taste, the salmon was salty on its own, but when you had a bit of everything together, it worked. But enough of me, this was not my dish.  So how did my sister find it?  She said “Ok, quite nice”. =.=!!  

Harvest Espresso still sets the bar for creativity on a plate.  But has inflation caught up too quickly in this Victoria Park institution?  I remember prices starting very early at around $17, and the prices have now crept to $22.50 in 2+ years.  If you solely look at the prices, it would be a clear yes.  But when you consider the creativity, effort and portions, it was every bit worth the money.  In fact, the meal my sister and I had could feed 3.  Yay or Nay? 100% a Yay.

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